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At Marathon HVAC Service, we are experts in the installation of the AccuClean air filtration system.  Improving air quality across the nation, AccuClean is the most advanced whole-home air filtration system on the market.  


Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this innovative system removes up to 99.98% of unwanted particles and allergens from the filtered air in your home - creating a cleaner environment for your family.  Advantages of AccuClean include removing allergens and particles such as: mold, dust mites, pollen, cooking smoke, pet hair and animal dander.


Let AccuClean create a healthier environment for you.  Call Marathon today!



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Marathon HVAC Service! We offer a wide variety of services to maintain your equipment, keep it functioning at peak performance and to reduce energy consumption.


Get the solution that is best for your situation and don’t be pressured into making an impulsive and uninformed decision.


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Our team is dedicated to making certain your home or commercial business is equipped with the cleanest air and most comfortable temperature.  


Whether  routine maintenance, emergency service or installation and replacement, Marathon’s qualified licensed heating technicians have you covered.


HEAT PUMPS work extremely efficiently and use a small amount of energy to pull heat out of the air or ground for heating a home.  A big advantage of a heat pump over a standard heating or air conditioning unit is that there is no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home.  


Live green so you can save green!

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Your heating and cooling system is one of the most important and expensive appliances in your home.  Since it could be a decade or more before you replace it, you want to choose wisely.  Important decisions when choosing a new system are:


•    Energy efficiency

•    Affordability

•    Powerful enough to maintain a comfortable temperature                

    within the space

This state of the art system allows you to monitor and control the temperature in your home via most web-enabled cell phones, computers and tablets.  Additionally, the system expands to include remote control of your lights, appliances and wireless keypad locks.


At Marathon HVAC Service we distribute, install and maintain the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System.  




High Efficiency Products

Today’s homeowners are “going green” and moving towards more environmentally smart and eco-friendly HVAC systems.  High efficiency HVAC systems are a combination of equipment selection, sustainable system design and high quality installation practices.  


Marathon HVAC Service can assist you in replacing your air conditioning and heating system with a new high efficiency model.  The results can save you hundreds of dollars in annual utility expenses, increase the value of your home and clean the air you breathe – while considerably reducing your impact on the natural environment.


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When paired with an AccuLink™ Platinum ZV or AccuLink™ Remote Control, along with American Standard furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners boasting the AccuLink™ Communicating capability, Nexia makes it easier to manage your energy usage and lower your home’s carbon footprint.




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